An Artist, Educator, and Revolutionary

Originally from LA, Asha is an 8th grade teacher in San Jose at Monroe Middle school. She is an international poet, striving to use art to create radical change. Recently on the cover of Content Magazine, a feature at many of the prominent poetry events in the Bay Area, as well as active speaker, emcee, and performer at numerous rallies and marches for civil and human rights, including both years of the Women’s March and The March For Our Lives, Asha consistently uses her platform to voice out against injustice and to speak up for those who have been marginalized and silenced for centuries. 


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L7 (L Siete)

Visual Artist, Youth Educator, and Organizer

Chris "L7" Cuadrado is a cultural worker and pro-people propagandist originally from Inglewood, CA. L7 uses words, sights, and sounds to further radical and critical thought. L7 draws from the aesthetic and political traditions of revolutionaries, agitators, and poor peoples movements from across the globe. L7 is committed to creating work that reflects the struggle of colonized and oppressed people, while aligning with their movements for liberation, self-determination, and decolonization.