Poets of Color Podcast Episode 14 w/ Freddy Merlos


Freddy Merlos is a Salvadoran and Nahúat descendant poet who left his native home of El Salvador during the mid-80’s as a result of the US funded Civil War.

His poetry has been featured in La Horchata Magazine, and he co-produced a radio segment about baseball for NPR's Latino USA. Freddy has performed throughout the greater Bay Area (occupied Ohlone Territory), and has presented at Undocufest, Lunada Festival and El Comalito Collective.

He lived undocumented in the US for 30 years and became a naturalized citizen in 2017. He resides in the Pacific Northwest. His current project “Blackbird Exposed to the Wind” will release in 2019.

Currently, you can find his poetry @pursuingarete on IG.